Traffic Safety in My Community

The NJ-SHO Center for Integrated Data team asked people who use New Jersey transportation data what they further needed to improve traffic safety in their individual communities, and we listened. Our people-focused Data Dashboard provides information on crashes based on where a person lives, allowing communities to understand the specific traffic safety needs of their residents. 

The NJ-SHO Data Dashboard offers two Community Safety Profile views: 

  • The Road Users view focuses on the experiences of different types of road users living in each NJ county. This view makes it easy to compare crash rates of your county’s residents to those of other counties and to state residents as a whole, such as pedestrian crash rates by race and ethnicity.
  • The Behaviors view focuses on the experiences of drivers involved in crashes who have different unsafe behaviors for each NJ county. For example, in this view you could explore the rate of unbelted female drivers in crashes living in your county and other unsafe behaviors.
traffic safety in my community


The NJ-SHO Data Dashboard is complementary to the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety (HTS) Crash Analysis Tool in Numetric that focuses on locations where crashes occur. The Crash Analysis Tool allows merging of multiple datasets including crash data, roadway data, and various safety layers, allowing the user to compare potential projects and develop benefit-cost analysis. For additional information and access to the Crash Analysis Tool, please contact the NJ Division of Highway Traffic Safety at  

The NJ-SHO Data Dashboard and the Crash Analysis Tool are both critical to ensuring safety measures are implemented effectively to those who need them most. Communities can use this information to identify traffic safety priorities, advocate for policy change, and refine activities to advance transportation safety goals.

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