How to Use the Dashboard

The NJ-SHO Data Dashboard offers the ability to compare transportation safety and injury metrics over time, by community, and by population characteristics. This people-focused data visualization tool offers 10 views: Traffic Safety Overview, Road Users, Behaviors, Maps, Drivers, Young Drivers, Older Drivers, Pedestrians, Bicyclists, and Equity. 

Users can view the Dashboard and create custom reports on data among residents of each New Jersey county. The Dashboard has been designed to be easily navigated. Here are key elements of the Dashboard to get you started. 

Data Source

The data for the Dashboard come from the NJ-SHO Data Warehouse, a linked data warehouse of administrative datasets on New Jersey residents. The aggregate data powering the Dashboard can be downloaded here.  More information about the data can be accessed here

Basic Dashboard Navigation

Use the buttons at the top to navigate to the 10 different Dashboard views. In each view, customize the report using the dropdown menus and year sliders in the top right side. In tables, figures, and maps, hovering over a data point will give you the exact value for that data point. Clicking on the download button located at the bottom right side of the Dashboard will allow you to download the current Dashboard view as an image, PDF, or PowerPoint file. We recommend that you set your web browser zoom to 100% or less for optimal viewing. A comprehensive user guide on how to use the Data Dashboard can be found in the link below. 

Dashboard User Guide

Recommended Dashboard Citation

If you use data from the NJ-SHO Data Dashboard for presentations, publications, or other reports, please acknowledge it as a data source using the citation below. We also request that you provide the title and full citation for any publications, research reports, or educational materials making use of data or documentation from the NJ-SHO Center for Integrated Data by emailing us at

New Jersey Safety and Health Outcomes Center for Integrated Data: Data Dashboard.

Need More Help? 

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