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What is the NJ-SHO Center for Integrated Data?

Our Data Warehouse has information on 24 million individuals that goes far beyond crash data to reduce injury and support safe transport for all. The heart of our Center is our people-focused Dashboard that visualizes, monitors, and tracks progress across communities and over time. 


They Are Expansive

The NJ-SHO Data Warehouse has longitudinal information about health and safety on 24 million individuals of all ages over a period of nearly two decades. 

They Are Comprehensive 

Sometimes information on injury type and severity are missing from a single data source. Hospital and crash records are integrated to provide a more complete picture of injuries. 

They Are People-Focused 

For the first time, we have information not only about where crashes occur, but also where the people involved in crashes live and their demographics. 

They Are About Equity

By including equity indicators like community resilience, we can reduce injury and support safe transport for all.

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