Sara A. Freed, PhD

Clinical Research Associate

Sara guides stakeholder engagement and research dissemination for the NJ-SHO Center for Integrated Data. She is always happy to talk with people about the Center and opportunities for collaboration. A lifelong resident of Pennsylvania, Sara lives in Philadelphia and enjoys biking to work along Philadelphia’s trail network. 

Highlighted Work

State of Knowledge on Older Drivers

This report published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is a systematic review and meta-analysis of older driver safety and performance research published from 2000 to 2020. 

Driver License Renewal Requirements Predict Driving Mobility Among Older Drivers With Health-Related Travel Difficulties 

Many states require older drivers to renew their license more frequently than younger drivers.  Older drivers who have to renew their license in-person more often may drive fewer miles, especially those with health conditions that make travel difficult. 

Use of Multilevel Modeling to Examine Variability of Distracted Driving Behavior in Naturalistic Driving Studies 

Naturalistic driving studies provide rich data on people’s driving behaviors in their actual driving environment. A statistical method called multilevel modeling demonstrates that older drivers’ distracted driving behaviors vary from one trip to another. 

Surveying Data Users

This Research in Action blog post describes the results of a survey of New Jersey traffic safety data users. The NJ-SHO team used the results of this survey to inform the design of the website and data dashboard. 

Sara Freed, PhD

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